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7 Essential Tips for Forklift Rental

If you’re looking for a forklift, a rental might be your best option. Not every company that needs a forklift should purchase one. Of course it is important that you make a smart choice when renting a forklift. Here are seven tips to help you out:

  1. A forklift rental may be a better choice than a purchase if you don’t always need this piece of equipment. Perhaps you only need it part of the year. If this is the case, you are better off renting it rather than paying for an asset during the months you aren’t using it. In addition, you spare yourself the cost of maintenance on an item you don’t use all the time.
  2. Rent from a reputable company. Forklift Rental TorontoDo some research to learn about the company before you accept a rental from them. Make sure that people are generally satisfied with the rentals they receive from the company. Avoid companies that have a reputation for renting out beaten-up, broken-down forklifts that spend more time in the shop than they do out on the floor working.
  3. Pay attention to all of the fine details of the rental contract. Read over the return provisions and make sure they are acceptable to you and that they will go well with the environment you will be using the lift in and the amount of usage you expect it to receive. Some companies charge extra if you run the lift over a certain number of hours. Others will charge you for maintenance if you do not follow the requirements for the working environment that was specified in the contract.
  4. Get a list of all the fees that are involved, including conditional fees. This will help you stay on top of what you are paying for your forklift rental. After all, this is supposed to save you money so that you don’t have an unused asset lying around part of the year. If the fees outweigh the cost of purchasing a forklift, then you’re just getting ripped off.
  5. Give the renting company a very specific description of the type of work you need to do. Also include special needs like the amount of space you have in your warehouse, how big and heavy your loads will be, and the environment in which you will be using the forklift.
  6. Ask about any attachments that you might need. Some trucks won’t work with certain attachments, so it is important that you ask up front so that the renting company can connect you with the right truck.
  7. Before you take possession of the forklift, look for signs of damage or abuse, notify the rental company, and note them on the contract. This will protect you when it’s time to return the lift.

Of course it is important whenever you rent a major piece of equipment like a forklift that you treat it as if it were your own. Most companies that rent equipment will charge you for any damage done to the lift. Don’t use it for jobs it wasn’t designed for, like pulling loads. The company that rents the forklift trains its employees to be able to spot signs of abuse or misuse.


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