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Fork Lift Training

The Ontario Ministry of Labour has made lift trucks a top priority for two reasons; the magnitude of trucks in use throughout the province and number of serious workplace injuries directly and deaths related to the lift trucks. For the Health and Safety of everyone, it is strongly suggested that Operator Training be a staple practice within your organization.  According to data compiled by the Occupational Health and Safety Council of Ontario, between 1996-2008 there were 10,308 forklift-related incidents, an average of 793 incidents per year. A number of factors directly contributed to these injuries, including a lack of preventative maintenance and load capacity examinations. In June of 2008, the ministry of labour launched a Safe at Work Ontario blitz and has increased enforcement to try and combat these safety issues.

Click the logo above to learn more about the Ministry of Labour Guidelines for the Safe Operation & Maintenance of Powered Lift Trucks.

Course Content:

Introduction to the forklift truck, types of forklift trucks, who can use forklifts
Stability of lift trucks – Tipping and Stabilizing
Safety Circle Checks
Operating Counter Balance Equipment – Loading & Unloading Trucks, Racking
Refuelling Procedures
Battery Overview For Electrical Trucks
Operator Reach and Pallet Trucks

Please contact us for pricing and space availability. We can train at your facility or ours. Following course completion the student will be awarded a certificate. The certificate is valid for two years under any employer.
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