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AC& EPS Fork Over Satckers

WS03-12, WS93-15/16/18/20, WS95-16/18 and WS35-16/18/20 fork over stackers equipped with Liftstar-Made EPS
and AC drive system are the updated version, completed the test in 2007. After the improvement in 2008, it ensures the optimum stability and high reliability.

  • Liftstar designed EPS system, tested by the market for 5 years, with high reliability, high efficiency, low energy consumption and low noise.
  • The automatic speed limited control when lifting height to 1.5m enhances the operation safety and comfort.
  • High quality profile steel makes lifting more smoothly.
  • Max. lifting height up to 5.8m. Lifting range: 1.2m-5.8m. The lifting height below 5.8m can be customized.
  • AC&EPS standard Walkie stacker is designed with long operating handle. The stacker with platform is designed with short operating handle.
  • Steel protecting net and plastic creen are optional