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  • Steel cover, which reduce the cover damage greatly.
  • Equipped with DC drive system
  • Electromagnetic brake
  • Battery discharge indicator with hour meter
  • One piece fork, with 8mm thickness
  • Curtis 1243 industrial grade controller


  • CNC machine ensures high precision of the components
  • Chassis lifetime over 10 years
  • 48hours 100% inspection
  • Full Quality Control before delivery including Noisy, Driving, and Welding inspection


    • Tiller head designed for Maximum operator comfort.
    • Controls positioned to allow operation with either hand
    • Without power steering but longer handle,very easy operating
    • Two pieces dismountable handle tube,made from high quality mold, which make

assembly and dismantle of handle tube to be much easier.


Liftstar Electric Stacker with small appearance and flexible can be used in shopping malls, supermarkets, warehouse, workshop and other places, especially for food, textile, printing and other light industries.

Be Economical:

Scope of application enlarged: suitable for middle and low frequency applications. Manual, semi-electric vehicles as well as some of low frequency electric vehicles can be replaced by our WS07/08 series.

Price is so low that procurement cost is greatly reduced.

Labor-saving : less labor required because of high transportation efficiency. Under the same conditions, the efficiency of WS07/08 series is 3 times better than manual products and is 2 times better than semi-electric products, and on that account labor cost is significantly reduced.

Operation simplified: less efforts and high returns can be achieved by our WS07/08 series. No more sweating!

Great Updated Model with following new design

  • Stong H profile mast, stronger mast make lifting to be safe and fluent with more capacity.
  • One Piece fork, with 8mm to 10mm thickness, Liftstar proudly declare that there are no possibility of deformation under high frequency using.
  • Driving Controller: Curtis 1243 controller and can be regulated by Curtis Hand Set easily
  • Endurance ability: 120AH bigger battery offer longer time running
  • 5.Longer handle design: Very light and easy turning design which is very comfortable