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Walkie Pallet Trucks

In 1998,Liftstar produce it’s first Walkie Pallet Truck ,till now we have over 15 years experience of producing
Walkie Pallet Trucks. Both the quality and sales quantity of our Walkie Pallet Trucks are No.1 in China.

  • From premier traditional DC Walkie Pallet Jacks to current AC&EPS Walkie Pallet Trucks , Liftstar
    keep independent innovation and launch new models to deliver our best products to our customers.
  • Liftstar have produced Walkie Pallet Trucks WP60-15(H)&WP10-20 for 13 world famous brand names,
    including famous brand names from North America,Europe and almost all the top 10 forklift brand
    names from China.
  • In 2009 , Liftstar launched new Walkie Pallet jack WP15-20 with AC&EPS after over 3 years design and test, it’s the first and only one Walkie Pallet Truck equipped with AC&EPS in China. From now on, it has been tested by world market for 5 years as a reliable product.
  • WP15-20 standard equipped with EPS, which makes great difference from other Chinese manufacturer’s similar products. You can move the handle by just one finger.It provides great operation comfort to the operator .
  • Liftstar will launch a new model economic AC Electric Walkie Pallet jack, it’s a compact design without EPS.