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Mortar Mixers

From 8 – 20 cubic foot Mortar/Plaster Mixers to 8 cubic foot mortar boxes, Tovel has the solution for your business.  Over 45 years of industry proven success, Tovel provides consistent quality mix with industry leading batch speed.  All mortar mixers are available in either stand mount or towable.  The mortar box is available with fork pockets and mortar buggies are available with caster wheels.

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To ensure the mixers satisfy the needs of our customers the power unit can be selected as gasoline, electric or diesel, the mixer can be equipped with wheels for towing or a stand for ease of transport on a truck or trailer. The stand is designed to place the mixer at the perfect height for use. Depending on the application Tovel can provide a standard duty mixer, comparable to most of the mixers in the marketplace, made with 1/8″ to 3/16″ steel plate, or a heavy duty mixer for the more aggressive applications with 3/16″ to 1/2″ steel plate.


Features & Benefits

Highest Quality Mortar/Plaster Mixture

The mixer is designed to provide the optimum mixture of mortar/plaster to a smooth, light and airy consistency. This increases the workability of the mixture and improves the productivity of the bricklayer or plasterer.


The mixers are in a “War with Sand”, a very aggressive element of the process which quickly destroys machinery. The Tovel mixer is specially designed with a totally enclosed gear drive with continuous lubrication, preventing the intrusion of sand, water and dirty. The gear drive is much more robust than hydraulically driven or open gear mixers, which wears-out very quickly.


The mixer spiral is belt driven from the gearbox, which is connected to the engine; a very straight forward, simple system for the generation and delivery of the power to the material. The simplicity of the mixer results in very few failures, the most common of which only require the replacement of the belt.right on sight by the operator.


To facilitate servicing the mixer the engine compartment cover easily opens 180 degrees to provide open access to all the mechanical components. With the cover open, a routine visually check of all the service points is completed in seconds, all the grease fittings are marked and accessible, with adjustments, such as belt tension performed easily. During wash-up, with the removal of the belt to ensure safety with the grille lifted, a thorough cleaning of the drum, spiral and mixer blades ensures that the mixer is always ready for the next use.