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Hangcha RC Series Propane Forklifts

– LPG Cushion Tire 4000-6500 LB Forklifts
IC Engine Forklifts HANGCHA RC Series lift trucks are all about performance, reliability and operator comfort. Utilizing high quality, internationally-sourced components, RC Series forklifts are durable and built for productivity


Masts – Duplex, Full Free Lift, Triple Stage up to 256” (21.3 F)
Variety of Carriage/Backrest/Side Shifter & Fork Available
Euro Style Cab with Heater/AC
Dual Drive Wheels/Fenders
Dynamic Load Sensing Hydraulic Steering
Auxiliary Hydraulic Valve Modules
LPG Swing Down Backrest
High Air Intake with Precleaner
Radiator Screen