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1-1.8T Diesel Forklift

Forklift Specification

Pneumatic Tire diesel powered forklifts are engineered for maximum productivity and performance in all types of yard, construction site, warehousing, distribution and material handling applications.

Utilising the advantages of ergonomics and modern technology across all its diesel models, diesel forklifts provide the highest operator comfort and control while being designed to endure even the harshest outdoor conditions. With load capacities ranging from 2,000 lbs to 65,000 lbs, each forklift comes with superb hydraulics plus a wide range of quality features and options designed to suit your specific requirements.

M Series 1-1.8T Diesel Forklift IsuzuWB3

M Series 2-2.5T Diesel Forklift YanmarWC
M Series 1-1.8T Diesel Forklift XinchaiGI3